LCC Course Evaluations

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Intensive English - May

IELTS (Day) - May

Academic English 2 (PM) - May

TESOL (Day) - May

Focus on Grammar - May

Let's Talk About It - May

What's on TV? - May

Pronunciation (Friday) - May

Writing Skills (Saturday) - May

Business Diploma Program - May

International Business Management Skills 1
International Business Management Skills 2

Leadership Preparation Diploma

Intensive English - April

IELTS (Day) - April
IELTS (Evening) - April

Academic English 2 (PM) - April

Focus on Grammar - April

Let's Talk About It - April

What's on TV? - April

Pronunciation (Friday) - April

Professional Communication and Marketing 1 - April
Professional Communication and Marketing 3 - April

Global Tourism Diploma Program - April

TESOL Practicum:
TESOL Practicum Student Evaluation


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