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  • 2015-11-16 /

    How can I help refugees?

    Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster of our time. More than half the population of Syria are either refugees or internally displaced. Learn more about this crisis and ways you can contribute to helping those most in need.

  • 2015-11-15 /Settlement Services

    Syria Speaks-Sixth Annual Docuasia Forum

    Learn more about Syria through the lens and voices of the country's filmmakers and artists during the Sixth Annual Docuasia Forum November 21 and 24.

  • 2015-11-15 /Career Services, Settlement Services

    Weekly employment and settlement events - Nov 15

    Career fairs, employment workshops, life skills and much, much more. This is the weekly list of community events for all your employment and settlement needs.

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From clients

“Since coming to ISSofBC I am confident that I can handle different people and situations in my new home.”

- Josefina, Philippines - Settlement Services client

“I got tremendous help from Skills Connect...acquiring the useful tools which empowered me to accept and face all the challenges and look for the opportunities whenever they appeared.”

- Ravi, India - Skills Connect client

“It’s a great opportunity to study here and meet different people from all around the world.”

- Marlon, Brazil - LCC student

“I’ve noticed that people often congratulate me on speaking English so well. I came to ISSofBC with bad English habits and left with great knowledge. My self-confidence has increased.”

- Kushtrim, Germany - LCC student

“Once you have a mentor, your mentor helps you focus on where you want to go. I learned a lot from my mentor, and when I adopted these new strategies, I got a job.”

- Tully, Tanzania - Mentoring Connections client

“To get the right information and direction in the first days of settlement in a new country is crucial. Special thanks to my settlement worker for her expertise and wisdom. ”

- Irina, Russia - Building Together client

“This program gave me a good chance to learn and practice my English. I also met some new friends like my mentor. We became good friends. We still keep in touch every week. I really like this program.”

- Jason, China - Volunteer Connections Program mentee

“I have so much more confidence about my abilities and my career outlook now and a much more positive attitude about life in general. I feel so grateful toward everyone at the ISSofBC who helped me get to this place. ”

- Danielle B - Job Options client

“It is a great way to improve the language, to meet other people and know about Canadian society. This course has helped me a lot because I can express myself better now than before starting LINC classes.”

- Oliva, Cuba - LINC for Employment student

“I am glad to participate in the English course of ISSofBC. I can learn Canadian culture and make many friends in my class. My teacher is a kind person. All of us like to study with him.”

- Jessie, Taiwan - LINC student

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